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What is Rover?

Rover is an iPad app that provides safe browsing for kids. It also uses streaming technology to deliver Flash based exercises and videos in real time to your device so you can access the educational Flash content that was previously unavailable on iOS.

How much does Rover cost?

With the free version of Rover, you can browse any of the filtered website. The paid version of Rover unlocks Flash streaming capabilities and opens the door to a wider range of web content including Flash educational websites. This Rover Safe Browser is a one-time payment ($9.99 USD), and includes the same content filtering Rover has employed for the past year to keep school accreditation for classrooms using 1:1 iPad programs.

Why can't I buy Rover?

It might be an iTunes App Store related issue regarding the inability to make the purchase. There will be times that their services become temporarily unavailable, and all you need to do is to try again later.

If you felt that you have already purchased, you can use the Restore button. However, this only applies to purchases made after Nov 2014.

Will Rover work on my device?

Rover is streaming a remote session screen to your devices, as rendering the Flash content is done on cloud servers to get it into your devices in real-time. We recommend a continuous WiFi connection of at least 1.5Mbps and a ping time less than 100ms for sustained usage with Rover connectivity to our servers. If your WiFi connection falls below these figures, Rover cannot successfully buffer the incoming data to operate smoothly, and will result in the app becoming disconnected from server data streams. Also make sure you are not having the session data being blocked by a firewall by trying another WiFi access point. Some workplace and school environments have ports blocked that can stop inbound data streams.

Rover is really not working for me, how do I get my money back?

Apple directly handles all transactions from the iTunes store to Apple ID accounts, here is how to claim your refund from Apple.

1. Log In to your iTunes account through iTunes.
2. Click on Purchase History. This should show the list of purchases.
3. Against iSwifter related purchase, click on the arrow. This should load the purchase information.
4. Click on Report a problem.

-- or --

From the receipt that you have received from Apple about the App purchase, there is a link for Report a Problem. Click on the link and it will submit the request to Apple. This will let Apple know about your refund request and they will notify you of any changes.

Why does Rover go back to the start page when I switch to something else?

Rover does not support multitasking. If you do have a need to switch to something else and do not want to lose your web page, we recommend bookmarking the web address for easy return when you want to get back to your Rover session.

How does Rover filter websites?

Rover was designed and built after months of feedback and suggestions from personnel of the K-12 education ecosystem in the US, UK and Australia, including dozens of school administrators, policy makers, IT and tech professionals, teachers, parents and students. The Rover app uses several methods to ensure that inappropriate content is kept from the users and we continue to constantly monitor, evaluate and improve our content filtering as the internet is indeed a very big place.

The Rover App team also maintains a listing of specifically blocked websites not already filtered through the above means, but which are determined to be unsuitable to classrooms. Websites on this listing are inaccessible to all Rover app users.

Why can I not access my favorite game website or other Flash websites?

Rover is primarily designed as a free educational browser for students in the classroom and uses content filtering to block websites that contain non educational content. Gaming websites do not pass the filtering criteria as they do include content of a non educational nature that might be accessed inappropriately in the classroom.

To access other Flash websites beyond education content, we recommend trying Photon Flash Player and Browser by Appsverse.

Why am I seeing an error about not being able to connect when I use the Rover app?

Ensure that the following ports and protocols are not blocked.

TCP, UDP, ICMP ports: 80, 443

Additionally, you may need to add * to your network white listing if you are seeing blank webviews appear.

Why do I not hear audio from Rover?

If your issue is device related (audio feed is getting through, but not getting to the iPad speaker), check audio from the earphone jack. It might be an iPad setting that needs to be moved to get the speaker audio working.

1. Check to see if the function of the iPad Side Switch is set for Lock Rotation instead of Mute (in your iPad settings). This can prevent audio output from the speaker and not the earphone jack.

2. Don't forget new volume locations in iOS 7. Go to Settings and check the mute and volume setting there, and then see if the audio works on the speaker, and there’s another one if you swipe upwards from the bottom of your ipad screen.

In any case, even when the switch and settings are NOT on mute, you could still be getting no audio from the speaker. So if it’s still silent after checking settings, go to step 3.

3. TOGGLE the Side-Switch function setting (to Mute/Lock Rotation), TOGGLE the side switch button on/off, restart your iPad if necessary after doing those, but it DOES work.

4. As a last resort try this one out:

• Delete Rover off the iPad
• Cold restart your iPad
• Download a new copy from your App Store
• Check volume settings
• Open up Rover and check speaker audio

What others are saying about Rover?

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"Rover is a safe internet browser that supports 21st century teaching and learning. The Common Core Standards are requiring students to use technology to gather, analyze, and synthesize information. The app allows me to bookmark and effectively organize Web-based resources aligned to the rigorous standards," -Paula Rogers, a teacher at Langdon Area Elementary School and Langdon Area Middle School in North Dakota.

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"The new Rover version will improve speed and performance to enhance user experience while enabling interaction with both Flash and non-Flash content" - TheJournal

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"Rover distinguishes itself from the rest of the kid friendly browsers by doing one key thing that none of the other browsers does which is supporting Flash content." - HowWhatWhenWhere

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"Although there are many free browsers on the market, Rover comes with Flash." - Survey Cares

Why is the keyboard not visible?

To make the keyboard appear manually, tap on the keyboard icon located at the top right of the Rover window in the navigation bar when you have activate Flash

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